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Saturday, 02-26 10:00
ByDino Spiri


Kristina Bernewitz – Classical Training, T2
Pilar Murube – Contemporary Training, T3
Martina GunkelContemporary Training, T4

for students

Meaningful, inspiring and clearly structured – the focus is on the educational aspect, an effective dance development of each participant.

Pilar Murube, Freelance Dancer and Choreographer
Using the release technique, we begin by consciously activating every part of our body on the ground and then releasing the tension and allowing gravity to pull us towards the ground. Participants learn to use the energy generated by gravity through increasingly off-balance movements while in an upright position, alternating between starting from the centre of the body and with different body parts. We will then develop short choreographies.

Martina Gunkel, Freelance Dancer and Choreographer
In Martina’s training we work with the body in direct relation with the ground. We go through different movement principles of floor work and activate the vertical spinal alignment within the development of the class. We move through the different levels, from laying to standing and the other way around. 

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