The Session Space

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ByDino Spiri

The Session Space

A Look Into the Urban Freestyle Dance Community

by Myriam Lucas

Sessions are a format of coming together, that derives from the urban freestyle dance community. Sessions exist in many different forms and depend mainly on the community they are serving. You go to these session spaces to share, to learn, to play, to perform, to be busy with yourselves while in the company of others (Parallel Play), to chat about things going on in the community (micro or macro), and to have a consistent group of people who can share in the practice of witnessing. 

In “The Session Space” we will engage with the methods and practices of sessions. By looking at the interwoven ways freestyle dancers train, perform, communicate and congregate, we will explore how we can come together in the frame of the Biennale. There will be a lot of dancing to music and dialogues on how to share our dance resources in the way that urban freestyle dancers do. 

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