The many ways of being a dancer

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ByDino Spiri

The many ways of being a dancer

by Brit Rodemund

As dancers we are often confronted with expectations and attributions from the outside world. Whether in our education, our company or when freelancing with choreographers, we are often expected to meet all demands. In the course of this, we sometimes take ourselves to our physical and emotional limits and don’t pay enough attention to our own needs. As a dancer, I have worked in lots of areas of the dance scene in the past 30 years and am familiar with these issues and challenges. In this workshop I would like to draw on my own story to talk about what being a dancer means to me and to let you participate in my experiences and processes. We will be guided by the following questions: What kind of dancer do I want to be? What is my foundation? What is good for me? What do I expect of myself? What do I want to learn? How do I express myself? I would like to combine this with teaching short extracts from the repertoire that I have danced through the years, from the classical to the modern.

Johannes Wieland (choreographer, director of dance at the Kassel National Theatre [Staatstheater Kassel] until 2021) will join us for a discussion on one day of the workshop.

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