Rémy Héritier

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ByDino Spiri

Rémy Héritier

Rémy Héritier was born in France in 1977. He lives in Paris. Since 2005 he has created successively Arnold versus Pablo (duet), Archives (sextet) domestiqué coyote (solo), Atteindre la fin du western (quintet), Dispositions (solo), Chevreuil (quintet), Facing the sculpture (quartet), une étendue (quartet), Percée Persée (duo), Another version and Here, then (with Marcelline Delbecq).In these different pieces, Rémy Héritier involves in his choreographic writing the reoccurrence of temporal, spatial strata in places, developing the depth of the past to reach the present. This archaeological excavation in a given context, his personal history of dance as well as that of his collaborators, enables him to shift towards notions linked to other disciplines such as intertextuality, re-enactment or the Third landscape, and thereby to convoke a new poetics of gesture.

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