Isabelle Schad

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Foto: Bettina Stöß
ByDino Spiri

Isabelle Schad

The Berlin-based dancer and choreographer Isabelle Schad studied classical dance in Stuttgart, and worked with numerous choreographers before beginning to develop her own works in 1999. Her research concentrates on the relationships between bodies, choreography, (re)presentation, form and experience, and sees physical praxis as a place for learning processes, community and political participation. Isabelles work is situated between dance, performance and visual art. Her innovative projects are shown around the world in various contexts at festivals, museums or theatre spaces. She teaches internationally and is co-organiser of the work space Tanzhalle Wiesenburg in Berlin. Isabelle Schad is a daily practitioner of Zen shiatsu and aikido zen. In the frame of Deutscher Tanzpreis 2019, Schad was honored for outstanding artistic developments in contemporary dance.

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