Documentary Choreography

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ByDino Spiri

Documentary Choreography

by Arkadi Zaides

In his artistic work choreographer Arkadi Zaides investigates the possibilities of choreography to relate to today’s societal urgencies through the use of documentary materials. For about a century, documentary theatre has reconstructed factual information in order to analyze a specific event or phenomenon. Visual art and filmmakers have joined this trend and demonstrated how factual information can be altered and questioned. The field of choreography is driven by critical experimentations but until recently, practitioners seemed less prone to confront topical political issues. Choreography, however, is able to weave together factual information and embodied practices in order to question social and political realities as well as the idea of documentary and authentic self. In this workshop, Zaides will be sharing his artistic work as well as questioning together with the participants the possible modes of engaging with reality through one’s own perspective practice.

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