Communication workshop

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Monday, 02-21 16:00
ByDino Spiri

Communication workshop

with Asja Mahgoub & Zuzana Žabková

for all participants

Communication workshop: How do we want to talk to each other?

To focus on our all being together, this year’s edition of the Biennale kicks off with a joint communication workshop for teachers, team members and students. This workshop is an invitation to negotiate a foundation for our time together and for the discussion culture during the festival.

How do we want to talk to each other during the Biennale? How do I deal with criticism and praise, and how would I like to express them? What behaviour do we expect from others and where are our boundaries?

The workshop is an opportunity for participants to talk about dimensions of diversity and projections in order to create awareness and foster a sensitive discussion culture. The aim of this communication workshop is for everyone involved to start the Biennale by assuming accountability and acting autonomously before coming together in new formations, set groups and random pairings over the course of the week.

The workshop will be led by Asja Mahgoub, who will provide methods and input from her work in conflict moderation and the moderation of group processes.

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